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Ah, that moment where you are about to pick your next book.




subtitles are so important

like my brain has an awfully difficult time processing a lot of what is going on and being said in movies + tv shows and it’s helpful to have something that catches me up

joseph was a dreamer
and he severely paid the price
you shouldn’t ask, you shouldn’t tell
suffered at the hand of his brothers’ vice

joseph was a dreamer
for which he was rewarded
strove through pain, rage, betrayal
but was never once forsaken

joseph was a dreamer
up until the very bitter end
lead through hardship, part of a plan
even if he didn’t understand

joseph was a dreamer
as we all at some point have been
let your mind not be distracted
listen to the words xe has spoken

— friends make terrible gods, 8/31/14 (via victhevelociraptor)
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If you ever date an asexual person be sure to get the specifics of their asexuality because the level of comfort with physical contact is different for all of us.






In honor of my visit to the Vancouver Highland Games today, and a severe lack in kilted men in my life, I present to you, MEN IN KILTS!! Let the summer officially begin!

swiggity swilts men in kilts… 

Reblogging for my good friend Sorcyress…

kilts will ALWAYS be sexy

Ohh, Number 5, Logan McCree yasssss. Fucking amazing. *reblogs forever*

Now imagine Ryan Haywood.


I got a curse I cannot lift but god, I like it;

music for witches in autumn. 

i. tam lin anaïs mitchell; ii. piano trio in a minor, modéré maurice ravel; iii. exploration coraline soundtrack; iv. wolf like me lera lynn; v. the last bird zoë keating; vi. the road mirel wagner; vii. an interlude the decemberists; viii. snow owl the mountain goats; ix. the road of trials austin wintory; x. feather moon vienna teng; xi. sixth stop joe hisaishi; xii. i wish i was the moon neko case

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Porky Pig’s speech pattern deconstructed.